Economics, Management and Law

The main activity of the faculty is aimed at training and retraining specialists in economics and management for the railway transport and construction enterprises, marketing, world economy, finance, accounting, analyses and audit, statistics, mathematical methods and information technologies for planning and management of rail transport and construction. The institute provides training and retraining of civil lawyers for public institutions and organizations, enterprises and financial institutions of different forms of property, notary system, specialists in custom inspection and clearance procedure, and foreign currency control.


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Dean: Ph D., Law - Fedorov Alexandr Vitalievich

Bachelor's degree (4 years):

Accounting and taxes

Economics and management at the transport enterprise

Economics, finance and risk-oriented management


Law enforcement activities in transport

Master's degree (2 years):

Economics, Management and Law

Specialist degree (5 years):

Economics, Management and Law

The Faculty offers the following course:

38.03.01 Economics

Profiles: Accounting, analysis and auditing

Finances and credits

Transport enterprise and organization economics

40.03.01 Jurisprudence

Profiles: Civil and transport law

Law enforcement activities at transport

38.05.01 Economic security


Legal economic security support

Graduates can find employment in the following areas:

  • in the economic and financial faculties of the railway transport enterprises, as well as in the economic faculties of any other enterprises;
  • in the planning and economic faculties of the organizations involved in the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of buildings and structures;
  • in the freight forwarding and operator companies as managers and marketers;
  • in the public and municipal administration faculties involved in the regulation of transport activities;
  • in the infrastructure transport enterprises (road service, multimodal transportation, terminals, etc.);
  • in the research organizations solving problems of the economy and transport management, as well as in the educational institutions;
  • in the enterprises with any complexity of accounting;
  • in any other enterprises as psychologists.