The Faculty is the leading education center in the Rostov region for training specialists in the field of: power supply engineering; development, manufacturing and operation of the traction substations, contact systems and teleoperation. Students assimilate the profound knowledge of planning, mounting and usage of heat-and-power engineering, heat engines, compressors and so on.

The graduates of this faculty can work in all possible lines of industry and railway transport enterprises, in research centers and energetic companies solving technical problems of power management, industrial safety and information security.

Tel. : 8(863) 272-63-75, monday to friday from 8.15- 17.00

Room Э218



Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Viktor Anatolievich Finochenko

Bachelor's degree (4 years):

Electric and thermal power engineering

Specialist degree (5 years):


The Faculty offers the following courses:

23.05.05 Train operation supporting systems

Profile: Railway power supply

13.03.01 Heat and power engineering technology

Profile: Industrial heat and power engineering

13.03.02 Electrical power engineering and electrical technology

Profile: Electro mechanics

The Power Engineering education aims at training the new generation of skilled professionals to be active in the energy sector. With this goal, the program offers cross training in the energy field, ensuring specialized technical knowledge, grounded on a solid scientific basis, complemented with a broad knowledge in the areas of economics, environment and innovation.

It combines an approach to sustainable energy systems, in its different economical, environmental and social aspects with specialization areas which are relevant in the energy sector. The students through development of quantitative analytical methods, critical evaluation of solutions and application of modern research techniques and in contact with several industrial needs, will be capable of dealing with a large range of problems facing society in the field of energy.

Professionals may follow careers in research, industry or management in large, medium or small companies or startups, or becoming entrepreneurs