The Faculty trains and retrains specialists in the field of: design-technological support of automated machine-building complexes; construction, manufacturing and exploitation of road-construction machines, vehicles and load-haul-dump machines; construction, manufacturing and exploitation of load-haul-dump machines of sea and river ports and factories; The Institute graduates work in the leading firms and organizations specializing in the development, manufacturing and operation of the new technological lines, providing operation activity and management of different facilities.


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Room Б 309



a doctor of technical sciences, a professor, an academician of the Russian Academy of Transport Igor Albertovich Mayba

Bachelor's degree (4 years):

Applied mechanics

Master's degree (2 years):

Applied mechanics

Specialist degree (5 years):

Road construction machines

The Faculty offers the following course:

23.05.01 Surface transportation and technology tools

Profile: Lift and carry, road-building machines and equipment

23.03.03 Transport industrial vehicles and complexes operation

Profiles: Automobile service

Port loading equipment and transport terminal operation

15.03.03 Applied mechanics

Computational mechanics and computer engineering

Design and engineering support of machine-building productions

43.03.01 Service

Profile: Vehicle service

General Information

The faculty of railroad construction machines was established in 1954. All the academic and research laboratories, offices are located in a main building. Student enrolment to the faculty is approximately 70 annually and the total number of students is about 400. The faculty employs an academic staff of approximately 50, including 10 professors.


The majority of the academic staff conducts research projects and they are mostly supported by the state Committee for Scientific Research in the forms of grants. In addition to this kind of investigations the famous scientists of the faculty take part in research and engineering projects in cooperation with industry.

These are such scientific direction as:

  • Optimization of frictional systems (doct of techn sciens., prof Shapovalov V.V.)
  • Working out and optimization of nonpolluting silicate lubricants structures (doct of techn sciens., prof Mayba I.A.)
  • Resource saving technologies at worn out details restoration of knots of vehicles (doct of techn sciens., prof Boyko N.I.)

Student Life

The students of the faculty take an active part in all forms of University life. By participating in the work of Faculty Councils, Trade – Union organization and other representative bodies, the students help to make decisions that are crucial for the present and the future of the University. The students create a unique atmosphere for their lives by achieving their goals in their hobbies and interests like acting, performances, dancing, music and foreign travel. Participating in the research work they can put their interests into practice and consciously choose the profiles of their future professional careers.