The Electromechanical Faculty is one of the oldest faculties of the University. It was founded in 1929. All faculty members have academic credentials and extensive professional experience relevant to their teaching. In particular, this faculty can refer to many years of transport management experience. Excellence in education is obtained with a perfect balance between teaching and professional experience. Students preparation is oriented not only on the traditional types of electric transport for railways but also on perspective high speed wheeled transport

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PhD (Engineering sciences), Associate professor Yaitskov Ivan Anatolievich

Bachelor's degree (4 years):

Technosphere safety

The Faculty offers the following courses:

23.05.03 Rail vehicles




Railway electrical transport

Rolling stock production and maintenance technology

High speed surface transport.

The main trends of scientific research work

• Rolling stock and railway track interaction
• Diesel engines to alternative fuels transfer
• Electric rolling stock reliability increasing
• Wagons maintenance organization
• Traffic safety in railway transport ensuring
• Refrigerating and cryogenic equipment in railway transport
• Rolling stock details recovery and strengthening
• Welding processes mechanization and automation
• Rolling stock details friction and wear
• Fluid filtration.
• Solid domestic and industrial waste processing
• Electromagnetic fields effect on the human body
• Investigation of the railway rolling stock elements damaging

The Faculty trains specialists in the field of: management of transport systems and transport enterprises, producing, usage, service and repairing autonomous hauling units; planning, repairing and usage of carriages, wagons and refrigerated wagons; planning and management of welding, plasma, laser and other recent engineering processes; life protection in technological environment and enterprise management on railways.

Our graduating students are able to design diesel engines, carriages and special railway technique, and also their components: a power equipment is combustion engines, electric machines and electric drive; mechanical part, control system by motion of both main and industrial railway transport. They can also carry out scientific and marketing research, operate railway rolling stock

Prospects of employment

The graduating students of faculty are highly sought not only in the field of railway transport (locomotive and rail car factories, manufacturing industry parts, repair factories and depots, subways, their power supply system) but also in those industrial sectors which have a technological similarity with the objects of railways (energy, automotive, agricultural machinery, industrial and urban transport, electric power facilities and system of power supply of enterprises, cities

and villages), they will find potential employers in a wide variety economic sectors (associated with Engineering, which include engineering and new technology companies, and metalo-mechanic companies, industry of construction materials, certification and assurance of quality, materials for electronics, advanced materials.