The Exrta-Mural

Nowadays the RSTU extramural faculty is a large educational structure of the university, with a contingent of students more than 2600 people being trained at the main university and in the branches in 15 higher professional education programs, including the programs with the reduced term of training on the basis of secondary professional and the first higher education.


Tel. : 8 (863) 272-63-93, monday to friday from 8.15- 17.00

Room А321



Ph.D., Associate Professor Alexander Alekseevich Zamytsky

Teaching work at the faculty is practically conducted by the teachers of different chairs of the university. They include professors, candidates of sciences, assistant professors, senior lecturers and assistants. As a rule, educational work with the extramural students is carried out by the most skilled teachers. Lessons on special disciplines are conducted in the laboratories equipped with the newest equipment with the modern computer facilities use, technique of communication and other educational and laboratory equipment. The faculty has its own lecture-halls equipped with the unique facilities, allowing to intensify the educational process in conditions of short-term stay of the extramural students during sessions, comfortable hostels. Sessions lasts 10- 14 days for 3-4 times a year

The Faculty offers the following extra- mural courses:

23.05.03 Rail vehicles




Railway electrical transport

23.05.05 Train operation supporting systems

Profiles: Railway automatics and telemechanics

Railway tele-communication systems and networks

23.05.05 Train operation supporting systems

Profile: Railway power supply

08.03.01 Construction

Profile: Civil and industrial engineering

23.05.06 Railway, bridge and transport tunnel construction

Profiles: Railway track technical state operation


23.05.01 Surface transportation and technology tools

Profile: Lift and carry, road-building machines and equipment

23.05.04 Railway operation

Profiles: Main-line transportation

Freight and commercial operation

Passenger railway operation

Transportation business and logistics

38.03.02 Management

Profile: Logistics and supply chain operation