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The Fields of scientific Research

1. Rolling stock: investigation and design of the rolling stock units and details; rolling stock service and repair; automation of control and test modes.

2. Transport and Technological systems of the country and regions.
3. Mathematic modeling, including complicated transport systems.
4. Numerical methods, optimization of traffic streams.
5. Research of new types of substances and technologies.
6. Power supply at rail transport: research and design of the systems and power saving devices, their reliability improvement.
7. The systems of data transmission, optimization of technological communication.
8. Enhancement of train operation reliability.
9. Designing and calculation methods for railways, constructional materials.
10. Improvement of economic and financial activity of the railroads.
11. Improvement of rail management.
12. Ecology, environment protection.
13. Designing and adoption of alternative technologies.
14. Designing of new power and heat supply methods.
15. Designing and adoption of new information technologies, diagnostic systems, automation systems.
16. Conducting of the examination at the transport, industrial and construction companies, examination of their production, operation, materials and products.
17. Economy and management of vocational education and staff providing for the rail industry.
18. Designing and adoption of new high-end technologies in the transport and production processes.
20. Intellectualization of transport processes and systems.

The RSTU publishes two scientific journals: the journal “VESTNIK RGUPS” (“The Bulletin of the RSTU”), which is recommended by the Highest Attestation Board of Russia for publication of the dissertation papers results, and the journal “TRUDY RGUPS” (“The transaction of the RSTU”) for publications of a wide range of scientific research.