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The University Campus is located in green zone with step-access to all venues of the University: laboratories, catenary, gym, swimming pool, palace of culture, etc.

The University campus territory provides four hostels for under- and post-graduate students. Three of them (№1, 2 and 3) accommodate full-time students.

The Dormitories №2 and №3 have a block system of room arrangement; the dormitory №1 combines a block system and a corridor system. The dormitory №4 offers the rooms of a higher standard of comfort. The students live in the rooms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people according to the area of each room. In every hostel there are kitchens and showers with all the required equipment. Every student is provided with all necessary modern facilities and wireless internet.

aking into account that the rooms are of different level of comfort and furnishing, the monthly price of living varies from 1244 RUB per a person to 4834 RUB.

When checking into the dormitory you must have:

a copy of the passport (including the registration page);

medical certificate (form 086/y) from the polyclinic at the place of residence;

vaccination certificates;

results of the fluorographic examination of the current year;

four photos (3x4).